The school will start on Tuesday, August 28, 2018 after lunch and will finish on Thursday, September 06 before lunch.
Saturday and Sunday, September 1st and 2nd will be free with two possible extra activities (boat trip in the city of Paris, visit of the Palace of Versailles).

There are two kinds of participation: 1) full attendance to the summer school and 2) occasional attendance for Paris-based scientists.

1) Full attendance of the summer school

65 participants will be accommodated at the Centre Frachon during these 10 days. The registration fees will partially cover the accomodation expenses and meals. The summer school is open to physicists and biologists from any country, and at any level (master, graduate and PhD students, postdocs, and faculty). Every participants will present themselves in a round of flash presentation (5 minutes max). Participants are encouraged to submit a poster and/or an abstract for a short talk (15 minutes).

Participation fees : 700 euros (master, graduate and PhD students); 750 euros (others).

No participation fees for PALM members (the academic funding of the summerschool).

The organizers encourage the participants to register as soon as possible in order to facilitate the room reservation process.

 2) Occasional attendance

The PALM summer school also welcomes the participation of master & PhD students and scientists from the nearby institutes and universities; single-day or lecture-specific attendances are possible, subject to the number of available places (maximum 110). Submission of a Poster and/or a short talk is possible.

Participation is free, but prior registration is mandatory.

Meal/Accomodation fees: 27 euros (lunch and coffee breaks); 18.4 euros (dinner); 56.2 euros (bedroom).

No meal/accomodation fees for PALM members and for master 2 and PhD students.

Individual payment upon arrival at the Centre Frachon by cash, by "chéque" or by bank transfer. Credit card not accepted.


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